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Gallery Management App



Creating file and database collections is a common task and need for every 1:N identification use case. The Trueface Gallery Manager is a simple app that helps you create collections as binary files or database tables to then use in 1:N identification.

The app can also push binary collection files directly to running instances of the SDK using the GalleryListener class.

Getting Started on Mac

Double click the .dmg installer, then copy the app to your applications folder.

That's it you're ready to get started using the Trueface Gallery Manager.

Getting Started on Linux

Using the app on Linux requires you to install the SDK independently (the app packages the SDK in Mac and Windows so this step is not needed on those platforms):
pip install trueface_wheel_url

You can copy the latest wheel URL from the SDK releases page:

SDK Releases

Ensure the app is an executable:

chmod +x TruefaceGalleryManager-Linux.AppImage

Double click the app icon to open the App.

How to use created collections with Visionbox

When you run a Visionbox with a shared volume (-v "$(pwd)"/collections:/collections), for example:

sudo docker run --runtime=nvidia -e "TOKEN=<your token>" -v "$(pwd)"/collections:/collections -p 8080:8080 -it trueface/visionbox-gpu:latest

You create a shared volume you can simply drag & drop generated collections to. Alternative you can put the collection in the box with a PUT /collection.

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Gallery Management App

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