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Trueface Android SDK

Getting started with Trueface Android's SDK

version 2.3 (SDK 0.3) Beta - supports arm64-v8a and x86 — also supports Xamarin amd64 / x86, android minSdkVersion is 24
This Android binding of Trueface SDK is in beta status, subject for further improvement, enhancement and additional of features.


To obtain a License key, please contact our sales team and provide your applicationId


To setup Trueface mobile SDK in Android Studio, please import trueface-*.aar as new module (FIle -> New -> New Module), then add it as dependency via module settings.

Quick Example

Initialize the SDK, set and check validity of license

SDK sdk = new SDK();
if (sdk.isLicensed()) {

Set Image from Bitmap

ErrorCode errorCode = sdk.setImage(bitmap);

Detect objects in image

BoundingBox[] boundingBoxs = sdk.detectObjects();
for (BoundingBox boundingBox: boundingBoxs) {

Test liveness by detecting blinking

BlinkDetection blinkDetection = sdk.detectBlink();
if (blinkDetection.isBlinking) {

Detect largest face

FaceBoxAndLandmarks faceBoxAndLandmarks = sdk.detectLargestFace();

Face recognition

ConfigurationOptions options = new ConfigurationOptions();
options.smallestFaceWidth = 40;

SDK sdk = new SDK(options);

Bitmap bitmap = getBitmapFromAsset("mr_bean.jpg");
ErrorCode errorCode = sdk.setImage(bitmap);
float[] vector1 = sdk.getLargestFaceFeatureVector();

bitmap = getBitmapFromAsset(appContext, "mr_bean_2.jpg");
errorCode = sdk.setImage(bitmap);
float[] vector2 = sdk.getLargestFaceFeatureVector();

Similarity similarity = sdk.getSimilarity(vector1, vector2);
If (similarity.similarityMeasure > 0.6) {

Post estimation

FaceBoxAndLandmarks faceBoxAndLandmarks = sdk.detectLargestFace();
EstimateHeadOrientation estimateHeadOrientation = sdk.estimateHeadOrientation(faceBoxAndLandmarks);


// parent SDK version
String getVersion()
// mobile SDK version
String getMobileVersion()

// Validates the given license token. Need to call this method before being able to use the SDK.
boolean setLicense(String token)
boolean isLicensed()

// Set the image that is processed by the other methods.
ErrorCode setImage(Bitmap bitmap, ColorCode color)

// Detect people and objects in the image.
BoundingBox[] detectObjects()
// Estimate score for eyes blink
BlinkDetection detectBlink()

// Detect the largest face in the image.
FaceBoxAndLandmarks detectLargestFace()
// Detect the largest face in the image and return its feature vector.
float[] getLargestFaceFeatureVector()
// Compute the similarity between two feature vectors, or how similar two faces are.
Similarity getSimilarity(float[] featureVector1, float[] featureVector2)
// Estimate the head pose.
EstimateHeadOrientation estimateHeadOrientation(FaceBoxAndLandmarks faceBoxAndLandmarks)

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Trueface Android SDK

Getting started with Trueface Android's SDK

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