Live Demos

Put a Biometric on Anything
FRSDKC++Python Bindings
1:N Live Face Recognition
SDKPython BindingsFR
How to threshold Trueface FR? A live widget.
SDKVisionboxC++Python BindingsFR
Live Face Detect + Landmarks + Headpose Estimation With Stateless Containers (GCR)
SDKC++Python Bindings
Live Face Recognition Running on Stateless Containers With GCR
SDKC++Python Bindings
Live Object Detection Running on Stateless Containers With The SDK
SDKC++Python Bindings
Visual Density Crowd Counting Demo
Visual DensityVisionbox
Age Detection Demo
Glykon (Face Anti Spoofing) Embedded Demo
Glykon (Face Anti Spoofing) Hosted App
Mask and Glasses Detection
SDKVisionboxC++Python BindingsMaskGlasses
Automatic License Plate Recognition