Trueface SDK

Trueface SDK

Developer SDK optimized for speed and scalability for your performance-critical applications.


The Trueface SDK is the unified base for all of our products. Written in C++, the SDK has been designed for speed, scalability, and provides the most flexibility of integration into your system. The SDK provides a rich Python bindings API which offer the same performance as the C++ API. The SDK gives you access to all our computer vision modules, and allows for fine grain control of API method sequences and performance (threading).

What can it do?

💆🏽‍♂️ Current Capabilities
  • Face detection
  • Face image quality detection (exposure, blur, orientation)
  • 1 to 1 Face recognition
  • 1 to N Face recognition
  • Database integrations (SQLite & PostgreSQL) with collection management functions
  • Object detection
  • Blink Detection
  • Active spoof detection
  • Passive spoof detection
  • Body pose estimation
  • Mask detection
  • Eye glass detectio
📱 Supported Platforms
  • 🖥️ X86_64 (Linux, Windows, MacOS)
  • 🖨️ ARM (AArch64 Linux, AAarch32 Linux).
  • 🤳🏾 iOS
  • 📱 Android

Documentation, Download, and Tutorial links

SDK Evaluation Getting Started Guide
👨🏿‍💻 SDK Tutorials


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Benchmarks and Hardware Requirements

Minimum & Recommended Hardware Requirements