How to save a Visionbox Image to a tar and load it

For this tutorial we'll use trueface/glykon as the image of Choice. However, the tutorial applies to all Visionbox images.

  1. Download Docker image.
  2. docker pull trueface/glykon

2. Save the Docker image to a tar on disk (this would then allow you to move it to an air-gapped system)

🇪🇸 Para guardar una imagen de Docker en el disco para moverla a una sistema 'air gapped'

docker save -o trueface-glykon.tar trueface/glykon

3. Then copy your image to a new system and load it with

🇪🇸 Luego, copie la imagen en un nuevo sistema y cárguelo con

docker load -i trueface-glykon.tar